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Local Projects


Raised Garden Beds project

The Raised Garden Beds project was established in 2011 to look at a way to provide the elderly the ability to keep gardening in their own homes when their circumstances did not allow.



This program is designed to raise funds to purchase 10 portable defibrillation units for children with specific needs and whose best chance of survival following a cardiac arrest is prompt access to a defibrillator.



ROCAN - Rotary Against Ovarian Cancer - is a trust fund established by Rotary Club of Williamstown in 2003 with the objective of increasing community awareness of this deadly disease.  Yvonne Moon was the driving force behind establishing ROCAN.  The goals of ROCAN have developed over the years, in addition to increasing community awareness, ROCAN also raised funds for research into an early detection test for ovarian cancer and in recent years has been raising funds for an accommodation and wellness centre.  Yvonne was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2007 for her continued service to the community primarily through her work in the ROCAN project.  Sadly, Yvonne passed away in 2020 however the ROCAN project continues on.